Nine Inch Nails Open Source Remixes

„After months of deliberation of nearly 200 fan submitted remixes, ‚The Limitless Potential‘ open source remix collection is finally available. This 21 track collection of the very best Nine Inch Nails remixes can be downloaded absolutely free from Painful Convictions. Thanks to Trent Reznor for providing the Multitrack files to the public to do with as they will, and the many talented artists who remixed the tracks.

Several judges took countless hours to review each of the 200 mixes and came up with a list of 21 ‚best of the best‘ remixes to be featured on the site.“

Nix Neues unter der Sonne, aber ich hab mir die Sache heute erst angeschaut und für extrem gut befunden. Man kann eben entweder die Staatsanwaltschaft durchs Netz jagen und Fans dingfest machen oder aber Zwischenhändler ausschalten, die Fanseele streicheln und das kreative Potential nutzen…

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