Late-Night Jokes zur vorletzen Debatte

„Did you watch the debate last night? I gave up drinking a while ago, but I started again. And I’m watching the debate last night, and I did a shot every time John McCain said, ‚My friends.‘ And so I am just blotto.“
David Letterman

„At one point McCain referred to Barack Obama as ‚that one.‘ And McCain later thought maybe something had gone haywire. He apologized, he said he got confused, he thought he was at the bakery.“
David Letterman

„It got a little heated at one point during the debate. McCain talked about experience and he said, ‚We don’t have time for on-the-job training.‘ Then why did you pick Sarah Palin?“
Jay Leno

„Sarah Palin was not mentioned during the debate and did not watch the debate. I thought that was interesting. And they said, ‚Well, Sarah, why? I’m sorry, Miss Alaska – why didn’t you watch the debate?‘ And she said, ‚Well, I’m busy reading every newspaper and magazine ever published.'“
David Letterman

„Well, because of all the international focus on the election, last night’s debate was broadcast in foreign countries all across Europe, Asia, and South America, or, as Sarah Palin calls them, Russia.“
Conan O’Brien