Can i explain?

Eine großartige Kirstie Alley und Dialoge – himmlisch:

Er: „l cannot understand why
the most sophisticated of women…
can’t tell the difference between…
a meaningless, hot, passionate
sexual affair…
and a nice, solid, tranquil,
routine marriage.“

Sie: „Tell me, was she the only one,
or were there others?“

Er: „Amy Pollack was the only one.
May God strike me dead if l lie.“

Sie: „You’re an atheist, Harry!“

Er: „We’re alone in the universe.
Gonna blame that on me too?“

Deconstructing Harry – Woody Allen – The Affair

Er: „You think getting a blowjob…
from a big-bosomed 26 year old is pleasurable for me?“

Sie: „You’re making me sick!
l can’t believe this!“

Er: „You’re overreacting.“

Sie: „l’m not overreacting!“
Are you telling me that every week for – months… you’ve been with her in a hotel?

Er: „That’s so crazy! No, of course not!
l rented an apartment.“