Twitter’s search credentials & blogging’s death

… is almost as irrelevant as the continual stories which gleefully report Twitter has more users than media outlets like The New York Times. One’s a network, the other’s a news publisher – this is not comparing like with like.
In the same way, one can’t group Twitter together with web search services and proclaim: “Twitter has taken the title.” Sure, both such services have a search function, but each indexes a very different kind of material – one, rapid-fire conversations and news updates; the other, deeper, more static and longer-lasting information.

Der Guardian über Twitter’s search credentials

Of course, none of those media are dead, and neither is blogging. Instead, what’s happened is that they’ve been succeeded by new forms that share some of their characteristics, and these new forms have peeled away all the stories that suit them best.

Cory Doctorow im Guardian über blogging’s death