This Week’s Best Late-Night Jokes

„Rep. Peter King says WikiLeaks presents a clear and present danger to our national security and should be branded a terrorist organization. Former Vice President Dick Cheney says we should waterboard the Internet.“
Jimmy Kimmel

„Promoting his new book, President Bush visited the headquarters of Facebook. Unfortunately, he spent the whole visit on Farmville, clearing brush.“
Conan O’Brien

„Monday was a big online shopping day called ‚Cyber Monday.‘ Immediately followed by ‚Identity Theft Tuesday.'“
Conan O’Brien

„WikiLeaks is the 250,000-page document dump, which like most post-Thanksgiving dumps, is fascinating to pick through. The site should not be confused with WookieLeaks, where a large furry creature pees on you.“
Jon Stewart

„In a recent interview, Sarah Palin said we must stand with our North Korean allies. When she was corrected she said, ‚Listen, geometry was never my strong suit.'“
Jay Leno