McLuhan in Europe 2011

Das Berliner Traditions-Festivals für Kunst und digitale Kultur transmediale: in/compatible steht in den Startlöchern.

„Incompatibility refers to the condition that arises when things do not work together – a pervasive phenomenon in the field of technology. Both developers and hackers are always working to improve systems; however, hackers do not always act on the basis of functional motives, but sometimes disrupt systems in order to criticise them. Especially in times of crisis, this force of in/compatible tension possesses potential for renewal. At transmediale, this tactic will be transferred from the technological to political, aesthetic and other social systems in order to examine productive and destructive aspects of the in/compatible. In the spirit of ruptures, gaps and creative hacks, the festival for digital art and culture will celebrate its 25th anniversary with an international programme featuring discussion panels, artworks, video screenings, workshops, performances and art interventions“.

Ich schaff’s wieder nicht – und stöber‘ mal in der 2011er Variante: McLuhan in Europe 2011