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dichter dran LXII

Do you know what it’s like to fall on the floor
Cry your guts out ‚til you got no more?
Hey man, now you’re really living

Have you ever made love to a beautiful girl
Made you feel like it’s not such a bad world
Hey man, now you’re really living

Now you’re really giving everything
And you’re really getting all you gave
Now you’re really living what this life is all about

Eels – Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living)

You Are the Product

„We don’t know what we want or who we are; we don’t really have values and beliefs of our own; what we have instead is an instinct to copy and compare. We are homo mimeticus. ‘Man is the creature who does not know what to desire, and who turns to others in order to make up his mind. We desire what others desire because we imitate their desires.’ Look around, ye petty, and compare. The reason Thiel latched onto Facebook with such alacrity was that he saw in it for the first time a business that was Girardian to its core: built on people’s deep need to copy. ‘Facebook first spread by word of mouth, and it’s about word of mouth, so it’s doubly mimetic,’ Thiel said. ‘Social media proved to be more important than it looked, because it’s about our natures.’ We are keen to be seen as we want to be seen, and Facebook is the most popular tool humanity has ever had with which to do that.

The view of human nature implied by these ideas is pretty dark. If all people want to do is go and look at other people so that they can compare themselves to them and copy what they want – if that is the final, deepest truth about humanity and its motivations – then Facebook doesn’t really have to take too much trouble over humanity’s welfare, since all the bad things that happen to us are things we are doing to ourselves. For all the corporate uplift of its mission statement, Facebook is a company whose essential premise is misanthropic. It is perhaps for that reason that Facebook, more than any other company of its size, has a thread of malignity running through its story.“

John Lanchester – You Are the Product

dichter dran LXI

„Der Mensch ist nichts an sich. Er ist nur eine grenzenlose Möglichkeit. Aber er ist für diese Möglichkeit unbegrenzt verantwortlich. (…) An jedem von uns ist es, in sich die höchste Möglichkeit des Menschen, sein äußerstes Vermögen, auszuschöpfen.“

Albert Camus

Großes Kino – Dialoge XXXXII

taz: Mitarbeiter von Fast-Food-Restaurants bekommen zum 1. August höhere Löhne. Das Einstiegsgehalt steigt auf 9 Euro pro Stunde. Ein Grund zur Freude?

Friedrich Küppersbusch: Erhöhe auf 10, wenn ich bei ­Starbucks nicht mehr vollgeduzt werde. Dort gibt es immerhin Becher fürs Trinkgeld. Andererseits humorig, dass der Staat bei vielen die Löhne aufstockte – aus Steuern, die die Unternehmen hinterziehen.

via Wie geht es uns, Herr Küppersbusch?